Four months


That somewhat dreaded, and somewhat highly anticipated, day is just four months away.

I’m still in that mindset where I will be more excited to graduate once I have a job, but as I get started on my final first day of school, I have more questions than I do answers about my future.

I’ll start off with that general, “I haven’t blogged in a while, my bad,” part of the post. As much as I love blogging, and sharing my wacky stories with you, when I was home for break it made more sense to spend the time accumulating those stories than blogging. When I’m at school, I’m just about always connected to the web in some way, so when I was home this break I attempted to stay away from my phone and computer as much as possible.

Winter intercession was nice, but short. I came back to school a week early to cover a few hockey games, including Flooded, I mean Frozen, Fenway — an outdoor hockey game that included a rain delay. Yeah, I reported on a hockey game at Fenway Park where there was a rain delay and the final score was 7-3. I’m still trying to figure out if it was actually a hockey game.

Anyway, I spent my last days of 2013 with my nephews and recovering from a pleasant fall down my driveway. (After 12 years of falling in the same spot running to the school bus, you would think I’d remember that ice patch is always there whether I see it or not).

Now for the dreaded update on the career front.

I had a nifty break in terms of my writing. First, a piece that I was working on for FOXSports went live. My friend Arielle and I created an oral history of the past year in Boston sports. The piece was a milestone for me, and I’m still jazzed about how well it came out. You can check out that story here.

A couple days later my final blog post about the Winter Meetings went live over at Ben’s Biz Blog. You can go there to get a quick update on how I’m impatiently waiting to hear back about a few job opportunities.

That leads me right into why I have so many questions on my first day of the spring semester. Where am I going to work? What state am I going to live in? What type of writing will I do at that job?

I have more questions, but you don’t need to know all of them. I’m just hoping that in the next few days a few of those questions are at least partially answered, even if it means cutting out a few of the variables.

Now that I’ve written this seemingly depressing piece, check back later today because my dear friend Jill nominated me for ¬†Liebster Award, which basically means she enjoys reading my blog and wants me to answer a few questions about myself. That blog post will have a much happier tone to it, and it will go live this afternoon.

Until then, enjoy this rendition of “Scrubs” by Bastille. I’ve had it stuck in my head for the past day.


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